Silver Ember Bridal Pearl Earrings
Silver Ember Bridal Pearl Earrings from back
Silver Ember Bridal Pearl Earrings from front
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  • A-line
  • Lace
  • Boho
  • All seasons

Ember Bridal Pearl Earrings

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  • Rectangle shape filigree charm
  • Pearl ear stud
  • 3 strands of small cream Swarovski pearls dangling from the filigree
  • Czech glass pearl teardrops at the bottom
  • All pearls are cream color

Shine all day and night in the Ember pearl bridal earrings

These are statement earrings with pearls aplenty, inspired by vintage Victorian style. Three strands of Swarovski pearls dangle and move freely with you as you dance, each ending in a pearl teardrop. These hang from a pearl ear stud and vintage style filigree charm for a sophisticated yet relaxed bohemian effect.

Available in Silver.


  • Plated brass
  • Weighs approximately 11g
  • Pearl ear stud 10mm in size
  • Measures 14 x 103mm

HURRY! Last ones left!