Silver Eliza Victorian Earrings on pink
Gold Eliza Victorian Earrings on grey
Silver Eliza Victorian Earrings from close
Silver Eliza Victorian Earrings from close
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Eliza Victorian Earrings

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handmade australia free


  • Crystal rhinestone ear stud
  • Crystal rhinestones
  • Filigree charm at the bottom

Celebrate the love majestic with the Eliza Victorian earrings

Royal Victorian style is yours for your wedding day with these quality hand crafted earrings. A crystal rhinestone chain extends to delicate filigree charms, creating an effect that’s altogether classic and chic. They’re exquisite when paired with the draping Eliza head chain or shoulder necklace, and equally beautiful worn by themselves – these earrings really look stunning against a backdrop of loose curls.

Sold as a pair in either in Gold or Silver.


  • Plated brass
  • Weighs approximately 7g
  • Crystal rhinestone ear stud 4mm in size
  • Measures 2 x 8cm

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