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Our top five custom bridal jewellery requests

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Made-to-order jewellery that drops jaws

Can I let you in on a secret?

Hunting for the perfect piece of wedding jewellery can turn even the coolest bride-to-be into a hot mess.

You’ve got to find a style and design you love that also:

  • Matches your engagement ring and wedding band
  • Complements your dress
  • Fits your wedding theme - and venue.

But fear not, dear reader, because I’ve got the secret sauce you need to keep your inner bridezilla at bay.

The holy grail you’re dreaming of is custom-made bridal jewellery.

Customised bridal jewellery involves making alterations to existing designs to create the perfect match.

Need a little inspo? Check out these popular requests:



1. Do you make this design in a different-coloured metal?

I do!

Brides fall head over heels in love with a design but often the standard metal colour doesn’t work with their engagement and wedding rings.

That’s why so many brides interested in jewellery customisation want to change the metal colour.

It’s a really simple tweak, but it takes the overall aesthetic to a Whole. New. Level.

Take my Tallulah gold anklets, which are beloved by boho, barefoot and beach brides.

I’m often asked for them in silver colour and I’m only too happy to oblige. Here’s a stunning set I made for Janessa.

Tallulah gold anklets side by side custom made in silver

Our Harper crystal anklets came in silver. Ashley asked for them in gold - pictured - to match her wedding band. Aren’t they simply sublime?

Harper silver anklets side by side custom-made in gold

2. Can you change the beads to match my dress?

Hell yes.

When it comes to your wedding jewellery, we know the importance of every single little detail.

We see how the nuances work together to create your dream wedding vibe.

So whether you're looking for a different shade of white to complement your wedding dress, or a soft champagne to tie in with the overall colour scheme, we're here to make your vision a reality.

Let me tell you about one of our lovely brides, Eva.

Eva wanted to change the white beads in one of our headpiece designs to a striking dark ruby colour to match the stone in her engagement ring and her exquisite tea ceremony dress.

The outcome was breathtaking.

The deep, rich ruby beads in Eva’s headpiece added an enchanting touch, perfectly complementing the intricate details of her dress and the sparkle of her engagement ring.

It was a match made in heaven.

Side by side custom colour bridal head chain for Eva from white to red

And check out this gorgeous bride. Although it was a subtle change when Nicole asked me to swap the off-white beads of this headpiece to ivory, the result was jaw-dropping.

Side by side custom ivory colour bridal headpiece for Nicole

So, my friend, if you have a vision in mind and want to match your jewellery to your dress, let me help.

Custom colour jewellery is one of my specialities ;)

3. Can I alter the size or length?

At Cynthier we're all about making sure you feel like a queen on your big day.

You're the star, and we're here to make you shine.

That's why we're more than thrilled to tweak the size, length, and proportions of our jewellery to enhance your unique beauty in the most fabulous way possible.

Our shoulder necklaces can be customised to complement narrow or wider shoulders, so you'll feel like a goddess with every step you take.

Our anklets and bracelets can be made shorter or longer to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. No slipping or sliding here, just pure elegance and confidence.

For some next-level charm, we can alter the length of your bridal earrings to flatter your face shape and neck length (customised earrings for brides are so hot right now).

With all these options, is it any wonder custom-fit jewellery is sooo popular?!

Speaking of customising to perfection, let's take a look at Bea. She absolutely adored our bridal shoulder necklace for her strapless wedding dress.

But she wanted to add her own unique twist to it.

So we made it longer, allowing it to sit ever so slightly off her shoulders. The result was breathtaking.

Side by side bridal shoulder necklace custom fit for Bea

Breanne wore these Khaleesi earrings on her wedding day. And as a touching gift for her bridesmaids, she commissioned me to create a shorter version for them.

How sweet is that?!

I’m finding custom bridesmaid jewellery is becoming more and more popular.

Breanne bridal earrings and custom bridesmaid earrings to match

4. Love the design, but can you change this element?

Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we all liked the same things?

We’ve all got our own unique vibe happening, and that’s why I’m always up for a little experimentation when it comes to my jewellery designs.

If you want to change the shape of the beads or brainstorm a unique way of tying in your wedding theme, let’s chat.

My many years of experience in fashion is an invaluable part of this process.

It’s all part of the service, girlfriend!

You can trust me to be honest with you. If I don’t feel something will work, I’ll tell you.


Because I treat you the way I like to be treated (and there’s nothing more awkward than a pushy salesperson).

Take Kathy. She loved our floral choker - but the beads didn’t quite work for her.

I’m so pleased she reached out and felt comfortable enough to be completely upfront.


Because I was able to change the beads to a slightly different style and give her exactly what she wanted.

Check out how divine she looks!

Side by side customised floral choker necklace for bride Kathy

Another of the gorgeous brides in our community, Melissa, loved my Khaleesi anklets but they weren’t quite the right fit for her vintage glam wedding theme.

Undeterred, she asked me if I could add some antique brass chain - which of course I was only too thrilled to do.

The result was mind-blowing and I felt pumped knowing what a huge difference I’d made with my service.

Khaleesi anklets customised with antique brass chain for bride Melissa

5. Can you make this head chain into a belt?

I love, love, LOVE it when my clients think outside the box.

Not sure how to get your creative juices flowing?

Pour yourself a glass of something crisp and white, put your feet up and pull up my bridal jewellery collection on your phone.

All the designs are ripe for customisation. So if you see something you like but want to wear it a different way, sing out, girlfriend.

I’ve adapted bracelets into anklets, anklets into headpieces, and headpieces into belts.

Be bold, be brave, be brilliant!

Nothing is too hard or too difficult. The only limit to what we can achieve together is your imagination :)

This stunning belt I made for bride Katie actually started life as a headpiece.

I used the same draping chains and crystal drops as the focal point for her belt and the result was mind-blowing.

Side by side head chan altered into belt for bride Katie

Another gorgeous bride, Karen, loved these Tamika anklets. She thought the design would look super cute as a bracelet. The result, as you can see below, was spectacular.

Tamika anklets changed to bracelet for bride Karen

Here’s the thing

I could write about customisation all day because there really is no limit to what we can achieve.

Each piece is carefully constructed to your own unique style and your individual preferences.

It’s a very personal process.

If you’d like to know what it’s really like to work with me on a customised piece, read Frances’ story here.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let's embark on this creative journey together and make your dream jewellery a dazzling reality.

Cynthia (your favourite affordable custom jewellery maker!)

Over to you

Have you got any burning questions about customisation? Hit me up, girl! I’d love to hear them.

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