Do you ship outside of Australia?

At this moment in time I can only offer shipping within Australia. For shipping outside of Australia I do offer a limited range of accessories at my Cynthier Etsy store

What is the purpose of the "best for" table on each product page?

These are the recommended dress type, wedding theme and/or season I have designed the item for and think should go well with.

Can you create a custom design for me?

YES! I'd love to. Please contact me and we can discuss what you have in mind. Please note a custom order fee may apply.

Are you able to create any of the pieces with sterling silver?

Unfortunately sterling silver can become quite pricey. I'm constantly mindful of the already big spends brides have already made with event hire, dresses, hair, makeup etc and so in order to offer the prices I do all accessories are designed with the price in mind whilst ensuring the highest of quality.

I need an item by a certain date can you do a rush order please?

If you need an item in a hurry please contact me directly. We would need to discuss if it's possible, taking into account shipping times, availability of materials, time to make the order etc. Please note a rush order fee may apply.

Can the sizing be altered?

Most designs can be altered for sizing variations. If you would like customized sizing, please contact me.