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Who is Cynthier?

Hello. I’m Australian jewellery designer Cynthia Lau. I love to create bold, playful, adventurous jewellery for bohemian brides and women of style.


How it all began

I’ve always loved bold, edgy designs.

As a teen, I’d be glued to the TV when the Oscars were on. I’m no film buff, but I was mesmerised by the intricately designed gowns and the spectacular jewellery that graced the red carpet.

What fascinated me the most was how each aesthetic had been meticulously styled to create a powerful story.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Design from the University of Technology in Sydney, I followed my dream and began a career in fashion design.


But not everything was as it seemed

I worked for big names such as David Lawrence and Running Bare, but there was little creative freedom and in truth, it felt restrictive.

That’s why I founded my Australian handmade jewellery brand, Cynthier, in 2006.

Initially, I experimented with colourful beading, then progressed to exquisite semi-precious stones.

I made earrings, necklaces and bracelets and sold them at Sydney’s hippest markets. I loved the vibe at Kirribilli and Glebe and learned some invaluable lessons about my clients:
1) You are strong, confident, adventurous women
2) You care about where and how your jewellery is made
3) You DON’T support fast fashion
4) You value quality handmade jewellery from Australia
5) Your style is unique and you prefer jewellery that isn’t mass produced
6) You enjoy the satisfaction of supporting a small Australian business.


Then I had an idea

Seeing first-hand the demand for quality handmade jewellery - particularly affordable, handmade boho jewellery from Australia - I started selling through Etsy online marketplace too.


Collage of 3 Cynthier boho brides wearing anklet, earrings and headpiece

That’s when my business really started to boom

Free-spirited brides from all over the world loved the designs of my headpieces, crystal shoulder chains and anklets.

I sold boho bridal jewellery to women in America, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Spain and New Zealand.

They often bought my bracelets and earrings as gifts for their bridal tribe too.

Cynthier review image from bride Drumine Ham


The feedback I received was incredible

Customers raved about the quality of my designs - because they’re handmade, they don’t fall apart on the first, second or third wear.

That’s why I’m a five-star seller on Etsy.

Brides-to-be who have their own unique style often tell me they feel stifled by the jewellery available in bridal shops. It can be quite traditional (dare I say, boring?!


That’s why I began creating custom pieces

A 9 square collage showcasing Cynthier boho bridal earrings, headpieces, anklets and bracelets

I used my experience in fashion design to create the perfect piece of jewellery that accentuated the bride’s best features.

Whether it was a headpiece, a necklace or an anklet, I made sure it complemented the style of the dress, the bride’s face and her body shape.

But when the pandemic hit and the wedding industry came to a shuddering halt, I decided to shift my focus.

I began creating more earrings, necklaces and bracelets that could be worn every day, rather than just on special occasions.

Feel the soothing powers of these beautiful green amazonite stones in these Kiana pieces

I started learning about and experimenting with simulated crystals, so that those on a tighter budget can still enjoy my high-quality designs.

Today, all my jewellery is designed with intention to be worn many times, in various ways and for many occasions.

Each piece is a wearable piece of art, sparking joy in all those who wear it.


Why we’re different

We are:

  • Friendly: When you buy a piece of jewellery from Cynthier, you’ll be dealing directly with me – the owner and maker - not a perfunctory sales consultant.
  • Experienced: After 10 years in business, I’ve seen and managed it all. I know how important this piece is to you and I won’t let you down.
  • Expertise: My eight years of experience in the fashion industry enables me to design the perfect piece, no matter what the occasion, mood or style.
  • Flexible: I love to custom create unique bridal jewellery. Each customised piece is carefully crafted to complement the bride’s dress, face and body shape.
  • Flexible: I love to custom create unique bridal jewellery. Each customised piece is carefully crafted to complement the bride’s dress, face and body shape.
  • Knowledgeable: I live and breathe fashion and design so I’m all over the latest trends, techniques and materials.


Client love

Here’s what our clients say about us:

“Cynthia was fantastic to purchase from! She made me a custom necklace and was so attentive and thoughtful throughout the process - she gave me regular updates on how it was progressing as well as photos to make sure I was happy with the product before she sent it out.

My items arrived very quickly and were packaged beautifully, along with a personalised note! Very happy with my items! I usually don’t review my products but I was blown away by Cynthia’s professionalism and attention to detail and could not recommend her enough!”

Katherine A | Bride to be


We’re ready

Be it custom or ready-made, are you ready to discover your perfect piece?

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    Have something designed from scratch that reflects your vision or tailor a piece in our shop to suit your style.

    Get it custom made 
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    Quality designs ready to be enjoyed right away. Handmade and covers a range of styles, colours and occasions.

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