perfect crystal shoulder necklace for your strapless wedding dress

Find the perfect bridal necklace to match your wedding dress

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Finding the perfect necklace to complement your dress is a fantastic way to complete your wedding outfit and dazzle on your special day. Whether it's the allure of a low back, the elegance of a strapless gown, the romantic sweetheart neckline, the timeless beauty of lace, or the captivating low V-neck dress, each gown has its unique charm and character. However it's the neckline, you will find, that holds the secret to finding the necklace that will match your dress like a dream no matter what dress style you've chosen. Read on to make sure your wedding day look is nothing short of perfection! 🌟💍


Low back dress

Opting for a low back dress is such a gorgeous and confident choice for a bride who's all about flaunting her sensual charm! If you're going for a fabulous low back wedding dress, why not top off your style with a stunning backdrop necklace?

You've got options like the classy Ora pearl back necklace or the show-stopping Sza crystal statement necklace.

Not only will a back necklace highlight your stunning bare back, but it'll also sprinkle that special touch of magic onto your one-of-a-kind bridal ensemble!

Ora pearl back necklace Sza crystal back necklace for low back dresses


Strapless dress

Rocking a strapless dress creates this cool canvas with lots of open space around your neck, shoulders, and that chic decolletage zone. Wanna amp up the glam? Pop on a dazzling statement necklace to light up your neckline and totally own that style!

Picture this: your strapless wedding dress getting a total makeover, going from simple to absolutely stunning! All it takes is a fabulous shoulder necklace.

Wrap yourself in the glam vibes of the Deva crystal tassel necklace, that gracefully hangs around your shoulders. The perfect piece for you to shimmy down the aisle and tear up the dancefloor!

Deva crystal shoulder necklace glam strapless wedding dress

Got a gorgeous lace strapless number? Pair it up with the charming Alexi pearl necklace or Eliza shoulder necklace for a touch of elegant chic. It's all about turning heads and being the belle of the ball!

elegant chic should necklaces for strapless wedding dress


Sweetheart neckline

When you go for a charming style with a sweetheart neckline, it might leave a bit of extra room around your neck and chest. But no worries, a stunning statement necklace would totally glam up your bridal look! It's like the perfect piece to fill that space with some gorgeous sparkle. ✨

Oh and here's a little secret for you: when it comes to those darling sweetheart necklines, a necklace that gracefully dips and points down the center is like a match made in style heaven!

Now imagine strutting down the aisle wearing the Kara necklace. This statement crystal necklace will bring a glamorous sparkle to your dress that's absolutely head-turning.

But hey, if you're leaning towards a more modern chic vibe, the iridescent Thandie necklace is the just the right choice with its subtle shimmer that's totally on point.

Kara and Thandie necklace for sweetheart dresses

Whatever necklace you choose to pair with your gorgeous sweetheart neckline, you’re gonna shine no doubt!


Lace dress

Oh, how charming is this? If you're wearing a lace dress, adding accessories with pearls and those sweet floral touches is like the perfect way to bring harmony to your whole look. It's like a match made in bridal style heaven.

You're in for a treat with the Cassia necklace! It's a gorgeous blend of pearls and delicate leafy vine details. This elegant and dainty necklace would be the icing on the cake to your beautiful floral lace dress. Sweet wedding dreams are made of these.

Cassia pearl leaf necklace for floral wedding dresses


Low V neck dress

If you're thinking of wearing a low V-neck dress with a necklace, how about going for something super elegant and delicate. Trust me, a dainty necklace is like the secret sauce 😉 It lets you flaunt your gorgeous cleavage without overwhelming that chic low V neckline. It's the perfect balance of elegance and style!

Wearing a stunning bohemian dress for your big day? Well, here's the cherry on top: slip on the Sadie necklace, and let those freshwater pearls cascade down your neckline, giving you that carefree and bohemian flair that's just so you!

Sadie freshwater pearl necklace for low v neck dress

Stepping into a lovely simple satin wedding gown? Kick up your bridal style a notch. Try out a body chain like the Tallulah or Sloan, to add that irresistible boho chic charm to your look! You're totally gonna rock it!

boho Tallulah and Sloan body chain necklace for low V neck dresses

Here's another neat trick: slide on the delicate Callista layered chain necklace, and watch how it gracefully adds a touch of shimmer to your low V-neck dress without stealing the show from your beautiful bridal look. It's all about that perfect balance! ✨


Over to you

Nailing the perfect necklace for your big day is like this awesome balancing act – it's all about making sure it matches your dress style, neckline, and fabric just right! With our top tips, you've got this! 💍👗

However, if you're still not sure which necklace will work best with your wedding dress, no worries girlfriend! I’m here to help 😉 Don't hesitate to message me.

If you have a special piece you have in mind I can custom design and make it for you. Look at this pearl backdrop necklace I designed and hand-made for gorgeous bride Jessica to compliment her lovely low back wedding dress ❤️

Jessica sits a top a convertable car holding up a bouquet with custom  crystal back necklace
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