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The perfect earrings for your wedding day

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Ready to add that extra sparkle to your big day? Well, the perfect pair of earrings can totally level up your look! But with so many styles out there, how do you figure out which ones will go amazingly with your face shape and wedding dress? No worries, I'm here to lend a hand and help you find that absolutely perfect match!


Low V neckline

Picking a low V neckline is such a fab and daring move for a bride who's all about embracing her sensual side in a chic way!

Now, if you've got that lovely low V neckline dress on, no need to fuss with a necklace to fill in the gap. What you need are some killer statement earrings or some elegant longer drop earrings to jazz up that stunning low V neckline.

Take inspiration from the chic lines of your low V-neck dress. Long-style earrings would totally hit the mark and complement it beautifully!

Now let's play up your style! If you're feeling those elegant vibes, go for beautiful long pearl drop earrings for example our modern and luxurious looking Caiti pearl drop earrings.

Want something a bit more delicate? Then check out these charming Alexi crystal chain earrings.

long luxurious pearl and crystal earrings for low v neckline wedding dress

If you're all about making a statement, don't hold back. Rock these bold Sza crystal earrings like a superstar! It's all about your style and what makes you shine! ✨👌

Sza statement earrings for low v neckline dress


Strapless or off-the-shoulder dress

Get ready to turn heads! Picking a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress is like owning that sultry, oh-so-chic look that beautifully showcases your shoulders and that gorgeous décolletage area. Girlfriend, it's all about showing off your confidence!

Time to work some magic! Since your strapless dress creates that lovely space around your shoulders, let's balance it out. Pop on some stunning earrings that'll make your face and neck shine. Try on the Deva crystal earrings or Nixi pearl chandelier earrings, or the long graceful Chandra iridescent crystal earrings – these will brighten up your whole neck area.

Crystal chandelier bridal earrings for off shoulder and strapless dresses

Or if you’re in the mood for a classy vibe, wear a pair of simple chic teardrop earrings. Check out the Lulu pearl teardrop earrings - these beauties will totally keep your décolletage area open and looking super elegant.

Lulu pearl teardrop earrings for off shoulder dress


High neckline

If your dress is all about that high neckline charm, then your face will be the star of the show. Grab cute stud earrings or smaller elegant drop earrings – they're like little attention magnets, all focused on your gorgeous face.

Any of these will sprinkle an effortless chic to your elegant bridal style: sparkly Kara crystal studs, sweet and simple Romee pearl earrings or delicate Callista chain earrings.

And it’s super smart to skip the necklace to let your dress neckline shine on its own! 🌟

Stud crystal pearl bridal earrings for high neckline dresses


Lace dress

Oh, how charming would this be! If you’re flaunting a beautiful dreamy lace dress, think about earrings with pearls or sweet floral touches.🌸 It’s a lovely way to match jewellery to your dress.

For pearls, pair your lace wedding dress with the Jesy pearl hoop earrings or Ora modern pearl earrings. Both will create a fabulous and sophisticated pairing that’s sure to wow!

Pearl hoop earrings for lace wedding dresses

Earrings adorned with delicate flower or vine details adds a touch of enchanting elegance to your whole bridal look. Our sweet countryside garden inspired vine wreath Cassia earrings are a great pair to wear.

For boho chic, you gotta match our bohemian styled Erykah lace earrings with a bohemian lace wedding dress, creating an effortlessly stunning look! Stunning. Effortless. Simples!

Floral vine bridal earrings for floral lace dresses


Still need help in finding the perfect earrings?

Still not sure which earrings to wear for your big day? I’m here to help 😉 Don't hesitate to shoot me a message.

And hey guess what? Since I personally handcraft each piece, I'm more than happy to tailor any of my earring designs to perfectly match your unique style! 😊

Take a peek at some of the customisations that brides frequently ask for.


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