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Kiana Hexagon Stone Bead Bracelet & Anklet

Kiana Hexagon Stone Bead Bracelet & Anklet

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Find your inner peace with the Kiana stone bracelet

Feel the tranquil energies of the semi-precious stones orbiting your wrist or ankles. This versatile jewellery piece can be worn as a bracelet or anklet, to sooth whatever mood you are in. Choose from Amazonite green for calming the mind or Amethyst purple for healing & grounding.

Due to the nature of semi-precious stones, each piece will vary slightly in size & colours.

Available in Purple & Silver or Green & Gold.


• Adjustable length to wear as bracelet or anklet
• Hexagon shaped semi-precious stone beads


• Plated brass
• Weighs approximately 12g
• Adjustable length 19-25cm
• Beads are 8mm thick
• Hexagon rings 10mm wide

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