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Kiana Hexagon Stone Necklace

Kiana Hexagon Stone Necklace

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Take a deep breathe & relax in this Kiana stone necklace

Let the soothing power of Amethyst or Amazonite stones trickle down your chest and flow around your body. This long style necklace is made with hexagon shaped semi-precious stone beads & chains, with a pendant that floats near your heart. Amazonite green enhances emotional balance, while Amethyst purple is known to protect against negative energy.

Due to the nature of semi-precious stones, each piece will vary slightly in size & colours. Please note the different pendant size for each colour.

Available in Purple & Silver or Green & Gold.


• Long style necklace
• Hexagon shaped pendant & beads


• Plated brass
• Weighs approximately 20g
• Measures approximately 62cm long
• Amethyst pendant 2.5x3cm
• Amazonite pendant 2x2.5cm

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