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Sza Modern Bridal Headband Veil

Sza Modern Bridal Headband Veil

A flowy cool headband veil to make your wedding dreams come true

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Not having a traditional wedding? Seeking unconventional details for your special day? Then pair this Sza bridal headband veil with your modern wedding dress.

A bold yet elegant alternative to the traditional wedding veil. The shiny crystals sparkle around your forehead. While the long tulle ribbons are airy light as you walk down the aisle.

This modern Bridal Headband Veil comes in either off-white or ivory tulle.

Complete your look. Why not match this modern bridal veil with my glamourous crystal earrings?

So don't settle for any ordinary wedding veil. Buy your Sza Bridal Headband Veil today and make your wedding dreams come true.


• Long and stretchy tulle ribbons suitable for all head sizes
• Light tulle ribbon makes it easy to wear and tie around the back
• Hand stitched with sparkly geometric shaped crystals add edgy details
• Light-weight headband suitable with many hairstyles including up-dos, all down or half up hairstyles
• Tulle available in Off White or Ivory to match your wedding dress


• Nylon tulle
• Crystal rhinestones
• Weighs approximately 30g
• Measures 270cm long
• Headband is 3cm thick
• Handmade in Sydney, Australia

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