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The perfect headpiece to match your bridal style

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Finding the perfect bridal accessories simply goes beyond matching details to your dress. Picking out the ideal headpiece involves selecting something that enhances your hairstyle and flatters the shape of your face.

"Let Your Lovely Face Shape Be Your Headpiece Guide!"

If you’ve read my guide on finding the perfect pair of earrings for your face you’ll know that your face shape plays a pivotal role in framing and enhancing your overall appearance. Is it a surprise that the ideal headpiece also should complement your unique features to accentuate your natural beauty? Find inspiration for your perfect bridal headpiece with the following.


Oval face shape

Ovals are the superstars of face shapes when it comes to versatility! This means you can confidently try out any hairstyle you like, whether it's those flowing waves, soft braids or even elegant French twists.

For your big day, it's time to embrace all your hair aspirations! When it comes to choosing a headpiece, you'll be spoiled for choice with endless options available to you.

A crown or tiara is an enchanting match to those elegant hairstyles. Our Thandie crown would look magical with French twists.

Or a more delicate piece like our Bekki pearl crown would be stunning with chic braids and wavy low buns.

Thandie crown and Bekkie pearl crown side by side for oval face shape

Looking to pull your hair up into a high bun for a sophisticated elegant bridal look? Go ahead and slide in the Nikki crystal hair pins for a touch of boho glam. You'll be turning heads with your chic style!

Nikki crystal hair pins for high ponytail high buns

Want to leave your hair out for those gorgeous flowing waves? Then a dainty head chain would be great for those dreamy locks. Try our Alexi head chain for goddess vibes, or our Erykah headpiece for an effortless bohemian style.

Alexi head chain and Erykah headpiece side by side for flowing waves hairstyle


Heart face shape

Let's talk about finding the perfect bridal headpiece for a heart-shaped face. The goal is to highlight those beautiful eyes and cheekbones of yours.

You'll want to place the headpiece above your ear or along your hairline. If you have a fringe, consider positioning the headpiece near your temple to make your cheekbones pop.

Crowns and headbands are like a match made in heaven for heart-shaped faces.

Put on our dreamy Jesy pearl crown. The elegant pearls will have you radiating with romantic whimsy.

Or wear our fabulous Kara crystal crown for the ultimate dose of glamour and make a statement like never before! This crown can even double as a necklace, how awesome is that?

Jesy pearl crown and Kara crystal crown for heart shaped face

And hey, if you’re after a touch of classic, check out our modern take on the traditional veils! These stunning two-in-one pieces will sprinkle some sparkle and graceful length to your bridal look.

Whatever headpiece you choose, your heart-shaped beauty is going to shine!


Round face shape

If your face is on the rounder side, here's a tip: go for a hairstyle and headpiece combo that's all about keeping things a bit more streamlined around your gorgeous face.

Long hairstyles with gorgeous soft curls or waves are a perfect match. Enhance those enchanting curls with our Aurelie headband veil. It's like a modern twist on the classic veil, blending sparkly crystals and elegant tulle for a stunning combo that does wonders for elongating your look!

Model wears Aurelie headband veil with white low back dress in front of flower background

Or if you’re after something more delicate, drape our Tallulah headpiece over those soft curls for that effortlessly boho chic vibe.

The Kelsey crystal hair chain would look gorgeous with half up half down hairstyles, trickling light sparkles all around your hair. You know what's really cool? You can totally weave this hair chain into your braids for a super dreamy celestial look. 🌟

Tallulah bohemian headpiece & Kelsey crystal hair chain for round face

For those of you with a petite round face, a thinner headband or a delicate tiara crown is your perfect match. You've got to try on the sweet Ora pearl crown! It's an absolute dream for the whimsical modern bride. Those ascending pearls will work their magic, adding some extra length to your lovely round face.

And guess what? You can also wear the Ora crown around the back of your hair! It's an amazing way to complement the lines of an off-shoulder dress and make a stunning statement as you gracefully stroll down the aisle. You'll be turning heads for sure!

Ora pearl crown front view side by side with back view on purple and peach background


Long face shape

For those of you with a long face shape, go for headpieces that work their magic by adding a bit of width to accentuate those fabulous cheekbones of yours.

Those dreamy side braids would be absolutely perfect for your big day. Finish off your bohemian goddess look with a touch of flair by sliding in some charming hair combs and pins.

We love the Nixi shell hair combs for elegant beach weddings.

Or why not slide in those Ecca quartz stone hair pins for that effortless raw boho vibes. You’ll be rocking it!

Nixi hair combs side view with Ecca quartz hair pins back view for boho braids

And what about hair halos? They're another secret weapon for giving your long face shape a touch of extra width and a whole lot of charm. You've got to check out the Fallon freshwater pearl hair halo – it'll bring that oh-so-natural charm to your bridal look!

Fallon pearl hair halo front view for long face with pastel flower background


Square face shape

As you search for the ideal accessory or bridal hairstyle, think about softening your angular jawline. Try teaming up a charming headpiece with some beautifully tousled curls or beach waves with a lovely side part. You'll look absolutely fabulous!

You know what's awesome for your shape? Wide headbands! They work wonders by adding some lovely roundness and bringing the perfect balance to your beautiful face. You've got to check out our Lulu double pearl headband – it's all about that double charm, and it's simply adorable.

Or pair those dreamy waves with the Sza headband veil. If you're all about that unique bridal style, this beauty is just right. It's got a touch of sparkle at the top and those flowing tulle ribbons that work wonders for elongating your look. Picture perfect for a bride as unique as you!

Lulu double pearl headband and Sza headband veil for square face

Want to add a trendy twist to your look? How about using some modern asymmetrical details to soften the lines of your face shape. Try placing some chic hair clips on one side, while letting those curls flow freely down the other.

Switch things up with the Ora pearl hair pins set and let your creative juices flow. You’ll have an absolute blast styling these little pearl gems anywhere in your lovely locks.

Ora pearl hair pins set on side of hair with pastel flower background


After A Custom Made Headpiece?

I’m super proud to say that I design and handcraft every piece here in my Sydney home studio. Which means I can totally customise any designs to match your style! Take a look at some popular customizations that people often request.

And do you know what my favourite part is? I absolutely adore creating unique pieces for brides-to-be who want something truly special for their big day.

So, if you'd like some styling advice or after a custom piece, don't hesitate to shoot me a message. I’m here to help you shine on your big day!

Take a look at these beautiful custom headpieces I personally hand-crafted to perfectly complement the stunning wedding gowns of our lovely brides, Esther and Kristy!

Custom headpieces for real brides Esther and Kristy


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